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Want to dive into Croatia’s rich wine culture 

but don’t know where to start or how to fit it into your schedule?


Wine's first rule: enjoy it your way

Get Croatian wine recommendations based on wines from other countries you tried ​

Wine is supposed to be fun, not complicated. The most important question is: what do you like? (And the second question is usually: what is the context?) Simply tell us about your favorite wines from other countries, and we’ll tailor a selection of Croatian wines — along with their stories — that aligns with your preferences. We’ll help you to sip what you love and skip what you don’t.

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We do all the legwork so you don't have to

AlmaBura isn’t yet another yacht provisioning and supply company; we aim to be the trusted contact for all things gastronomy in Croatia. This is why our flagship service starts with a free demo call, so we can personalize our service to you. Winery visit on a remote island, restaurant recommendation, preselected food and wine pairings at the restaurant, truffle hunt, cheese farm visit, you name it, and we will arrange it.

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Pair food and wine like a local

This is one of the most pleasurable aspects of discovering and experiencing wine, yet it often becomes more complicated than it should be. Not only will we show you how to pair food and wine “the Croatian way” or following science-based guidelines, we will also calibrate the pairing recommendations based on your preferences. As always: it’s about what you like, not what you “should” like.

Leave it all to us and your yacht stews

We can work directly with your chef and yacht stews to arrange pairings and delivery.

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Bringing wine experiences we used to
create for wine critics and travel writers to you


We offer the largest one-stop selection of Croatian wines and fine wines, so you'll discover new wines you might not otherwise come across.

Personalized Journey

With expertise in Croatian wine and beyond, we can tailor the wine selection and design a multi-day onboard wine theme according to your preferences.

Effortless Experience

We choose, source, and deliver the wines to your yacht — saving you time and hassle.

Unrivaled Knowledge and Service

With a deep understanding of wine and a strong network of suppliers, we bring to you the high-quality experiences we used to design for international journalists.


Croatia's wine history and culture dates back to 500 BC.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site, Stari Grad Plain, has been continously planted with vines since 400 BC.

Croatia is home to over 130 indigenous wine grape varieties.

The origin of Zinfandel and Primitivo is in Croatia.

Chardonnay may be French, but its mother Belina Drobna is a variety found in Croatia.

There are over 1,600 registered wine producers in Croatia.


The effortless way to enjoy Croatian wine

Croatian Wine's DIY Kit
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  • Take a 5-minute diagnostic test.
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  • Receive your wines, at your Croatia's address, in 3 working days.


AlmaBura guests Melissa Mack and friends
Bio photo of guest Jason R carrying a glass of champagne on yacht
Champagne toast on yacht on Adriatic Sea
Easy to talk to, quick, knowledgeable, trustworthy and just nice ladies. Great wine selection too. Charine and Ana are to thank for changing the way I feel about Croatian wine.
Melissa Mack, USA
Big thank you to AlmaBura for putting such a great selection. We loved discovering Croatia through wine and enjoying summer evenings, that was easily our favorite part of the holiday.
Nina Dobrev, Canada


Ana Hozjan and Charine Tan have a wealth of wine industry experience: from strategy, to marketing, media and public relations, business operations, education, and writing. Before establishing AlmaBura, Ana was the project leader at Vinart, Croatia’s foremost wine marketing and event company. Charine is a business consultant and has worked with Moët Hennessy Diageo, Treasury Wine Estates, and multiple national and regional wine associations. She also co-authored three wine books, including Cracking Croatian Wine, and she is currently working on her fourth book. With active involvement in wine events and wine judging competitions, they collectively taste over 1,000 wines every year.

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Our Story Mission Goal

AlmaBura isn’t just another wine business. It is our raison d’etre, our civic duty to rebrand Croatian wine.

AlmaBura was founded with a curious spirit and a lofty goal: to place Croatia firmly on the global wine map.

At the heart of every successful business venture is a profound need. Our epiphany came from an all-too-common problem: many tourists in Croatia, including those traversing its enchanting seascape, often only sample run-of-the-mill wines that misrepresent and underestimate Croatia as a wine country.

Despite Croatia’s burgeoning appeal as a tourist haven, wine exploration is usually an unplanned detour. Tourists typically whirl through the country, sampling only simple local wine, and leaving with the mistaken belief that Croatian wine is merely average. Even passionate wine enthusiasts, constrained by limited time and lack of accessible information in English, often fail to experience the full spectrum of Croatian wine.

So, what if we turned this casual, incidental encounter with Croatian wine into a spotlight event and a focal point of the Croatia trip? What if we turned the wine glass into an opportunity for armchair travel, taking visitors to more places and encouraging deeper understanding and appreciation of Croatia, one sip at a time?

For some years, we were creating these kinds of experiences for media representatives. But we felt our work would have a greater impact if we could help consumers to navigate the world of Croatian wine. Hence, AlmaBura was born.

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